Helping Governement Help America

Brock Development is a New Orleans, Louisiana based company with locations soon to open in Houston, TX and Lake Charles, LA. We would like to say that our hearts go out to each of you and your families especially if they were involved in or affected by one of the hurricanes that recently crossed our Gulf Coast. We too were devestated by Katrina so we understand and feel your pain. Our background is technology our expertise is real estate development and our future is emergency management. Brock Development is changing the way emergencies are managed thru the construction management piece. By adding technology to a mobilized workforce, processes are streamlined, well managed, and more predictable. This allows for better communications, fewer balls dropped, and more accountability.

We are proud, true to the earth Americans that believe in a job well done. Our capabilities span Information Technology, telecommunications, emergency management, debris removal, maintenance, install, and deactivation of FEMA housing, construction staffing and more.  We also provide services related to highway construction, dirt removal, site management, and demolition. Many of our operators are certified and must present it upon signing on. We are confident that adding Brock Development to the top of your subcontractor list will be a smart decision. One that will change the way you build America and do business.

The Brock mission stems from many years operating in an industry that is sometimes unorganized. With this is mind, we have set out on a mission to organize construction management efforts so as to be more efficient during emergency situations. We believe that with a well-organized workforce on standyby to be activated at a moments notice is the very essence of emergency management. Our database of subcontractors is 2000 strong and growing. Everyone is experienced, well trained and proud to be a working American. We show up for the job informed, prepared, and ready to execute.