Helping Governement Help America

Put your money where your mouth is what we say to the competition. The Brock mission stems from many years operating in an industry that is sometimes unorganized. With this is in mind, we have set out on a mission to organize construction management efforts so as to be more efficient during emergency situations. We believe that with a well-organized workforce on standyby to be activated at a moments notice is the very essence of emergency management. Our database of subcontractors is 2000 strong and growing. Everyone is experienced, well trained and proud to be a working American. We show up for the job informed, prepared and ready to execute.

To join the growing the list of working Americans please fill out the form below. An email will be sent to you confirming your application and will give you further instructions. You may also email us at

 (Note: Documentaion must be sent in to our office before you will be allowed to work).